The Services We Provide

Political Monitoring

You need to know in timely fashion what is happening in Parliament and in Government and what is about to happen that affects your interests. Butler Kelly offers a full political monitoring service, covering Government and parliamentary publications, statements, documents and speeches relevant to your corporate interests. We advise on how to protect your interests and find out the real agenda behind the issue raised.


You may need to persuade Government to do something or to change what it intends to do; you may need to have an input in the Opposition's policy-making machinery. If you are responding to a Government consultation we sharpen up your argument and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will maximise the impact of the submissions you make. We act as bridges between business, Whitehall, Westminster and local authorities.

Contact programmes

We can indicate which politicians and officials you should talk to to make your case; we advise you on how best to communicate with them, and how to develop your argument in written or verbal form.

Bill handling

To have your views incorporated into legislation, first we convince the key officials in Whitehall before any Bill is even drafted. Where a Bill emerges with unwelcome proposals, we construct a negotiated settlement which will be acceptable to officials, averting adverse legislative change and effecting beneficial amendments as Bills go through. The key is making a sound argument to the people who matter.

Select Committee Preparation

Parliamentary Select Committee appearances can destroy a corporate reputation. We help you to give a successful performance. Former MPs with Select Committee experience provide training, with video recordings, briefings on procedure, full profiles of the Committee members and advice on dealing with the Clerk to the Committee. We help you prepare an effective written submission. We know of only one witness who was roundly applauded by members of a Select Committee after he had given evidence - and he was trained by us.

Local Government

Local Government is grappling with ever more complex and changing rules on procurement - including public private partnerships - and on planning and regeneration. We know how local authorities function and how they deal with the pressures from local residents. We have helped private sector clients to minimise opposition, to win support from local authorities and to work in partnership with them to achieve common goals. We have helped local authorities to make their case to central Government.

Political media relations

Successful public affairs can require integration of political communications with other campaigning activities. Politicians like to know that a case has wide public support so that they can reap a political dividend. Campaigning techniques including media relations, advertising, direct mail, opinion polling and the internet can demonstrate public support and mobilise it. Media coverage can communicate a case and persuade politicians to pay more attention. Our consultants have extensive experience of initiating and co-ordinating effective campaigns of this nature.

Executive Communication

Our consultants can provide media training and public speaking training for executives thrust into the limelight. We also have high-level experience in drafting speeches and articles for politicians and businessmen.

Event Organisation

Events specifically designed to interest politicians perform an invaluable function in communicating your message and raising your profile. We have extensive experience in this field and are happy to design and organise events tailored to your needs either as a separate project or as part of an ongoing campaign.