Why We Are Different

A high level of personal service

The people who meet you will be the people who service your account. We offer a long-term partnership based on a high-level personal service with sound and mature advice. We do not believe in winning an account by presenting Directors, only for them to disappear leaving a junior to service the account.

Quality of argument not spin

Whitehall is profoundly unimpressed by slick presentations and suspicious of PR techniques. Civil servants still evaluate arguments on their merits. We are the bridge to this culture, not showmen.

An ethical reputation second to none

We abide by codes of behaviour set by the relevant professional associations. We have also called for Parliamentary regulation and oversight of the lobbying industry. We do not pay or have financial relationships with MPs, Peers, or other public representatives. Internally, we operate a conscientious objection policy - we would not work to promote tobacco or for dubious foreign governments, for instance. Your corporate reputation is safe with us.

Effective programmes

We are discreet and careful not to offend the system by public claims of influence but we get things done for our clients. We will undertake not to work for any other competitor company during the period of the contract.